Strengthening Community Engagement through Charitable Campaigns #CMAD

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On Air: 00:00 - 01:00 EST (GMT-5)
Monday, January 27th, 2014


When Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines, thousands of people became homeless and even more suddenly lacked basic necessities such as food and medical support. So, within days of the disaster, Oxfam America had launched an operation to provide relief to the disaster struck areas. Being a global community, we felt that we had a responsibility to help our fellow humans in need and thus started a campaign to encourage donations for the relief effort. At the end of this campaign, we had not only raised funds for the people of the Philippines, but had also noticed a significant improvement in in engagement, reach, and player interactions.

It is based on these grounds that we want to focus today’s discussion on how uniting a community around a common charitable campaign can create a viable strategy for community improvement.


Marck ThorntonMarck Ernest Thornton
Lead Community Manager at RedAtoms

Marck was the first in his family to go to university and the first to travel outside the country AND the first to speak a second language. His life began with a love of video games and story telling. He realized the power of story telling while in high school. That became a soft skill that was developed over many years. After studying graphic arts, Marck began to design video games and that eventually led to his current position of Lead Community Manager at mobile game developer Redatoms.

Connect with Marck on Twitter at @marck_t or on Google+.


Andrew BennieAndrew Bennie
Co-founder and Business Development Lead at EatUp

Andrew is a biz dev and community strategy lead based in NYC. Andrew is currently leading social strategy for Commune, a digital bulletin board to activate and connect neighborhoods on a grassroots level. When he isn’t working, Andrew enjoys traveling, working with data, and coding iOS apps.

Connect with Andrew on Twitter at @andrewObennie or on Google+.

Laura HorakLaura Horak
Global-Minded Connector & Quintessential Early Adopter

Laura is constantly exploring how emerging technologies can connect people and solve problems including crowdsourcing collaborative solutions for Hurricane Sandy crisis mitigation, sanitation systems for the developing world, and space-ready social media apps for NASA. Laura’s passion for growth-hacking and quantitatively measuring the impact of community on companies’ success led to being listed as 2013’s “#1 Rising Star in Community Management” by analyst firm Altimeter.

Connect with Laura on Twitter at @laurashorak or on Google+.

Khaleelah JonesKhaleelah Jones
Founder at Something with Words

Khaleelah Jones has worked in digital marketing for the past five years. She has found an intersection of her passion for all things digital and love for social media, communication and people as a community manager. Her digital marketing company, Something with Words, won the StartUp Leibster 2013 award for quality social and CRM services. When she’s not working, Khaleelah can be found traveling, yoga-ing, writing, reading, pontificating about history, making up verbs and blogging at

Connect with Khaleelah on Twitter at @KhaleelahJones or on Google+.

Nicole RohrNicole Rohr
Interactive Content Editor/Producer at WYCC PBS Chicago

Nicole is the community manager for WYCC PBS Chicago (Channel 20) in Chicago. She moved to Chicago four years ago to earn her Master of Science degree in Journalism from Northwestern University, graduating in December 2010. She is originally from Birmingham, Ala. Nicole enjoys reading on rooftops and having glorious, pensive walks to and from the farmer’s market.

Connect with Nicole on Twitter at @rohrrr or on Google+.

Discussion Questions

  1. What are the main goals of creating a charitable campaign?
  2. What are the different types of campaigns and their benefits?
  3. What are your best pieces of advice for creating a charitable campaign?
  4. How do you measure the success of a charitable campaign?
  5. How can you ensure to maintain a emotional connection with your community and the campaign?
  6. How many campaigns can you conduct until users are fatigued?

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Sherrie Rohde

Community Manager at Magento
As the Community Manager for Magento, Sherrie connects people with resources and with each other, and, since she’s just a bit passionate about the topic, she also co-produces a weekly broadcast for community professionals called #CMGRHangout. An ENFP, Sherrie is obsessed with innovation, terrified of status quo, and motivated by adventure. 
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