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On Air: 10:00 - 11:00 EST (GMT-5)
Monday, January 28th, 2013

Working for clients means each community you manage is unique – with different goals, measurement methods and reporting structures for community managers. Learn from the agency side of community with folks from Edelman and R/GA.

Our guests include:


Suzanne MarlattSuzanne Marlatt

Community Manager at Edelman Digital @applegirl

Suzanne joined Edelman three years ago as the Community Manager for Edelman Digital. During her time as the Edelman Digital Community Manager, Suzanne re-launched the Edelman Digital website and curated content daily from more than one hundred Edelman employees within the global network.

She regularly assists on community management programs for clients and trains teams on community management techniques and best practices. During her time at Edelman, Suzanne has worked on many clients in diverse industries including; Nutro, Call of Duty, PayPal, Kraft, ConAgra, Shell, and American Egg Board.


Nick LucidoNick Lucido

Senior Account Executive at Edelman Digital @nicklucido

Nick Lucido joined Edelman as an intern in May 2009 and is currently a senior account executive within Edelman Digital. Lucido is a member of the firm’s digital strategy team, providing insight development, measurement counsel and strategic planning for clients in a variety of industries. Currently, Lucido works with in developing consumer and B2B marketing strategy, as well as social business planning, for upcoming campaigns. Previous account work includes Research in Motion, Bush’s Beans, Johnson & Johnson, ConAgra Foods, Dairy Management Inc., Darden Restaurants, Kimberly-Clark, The Nutro Company and PayPal. He
is also a key contributor to Edelman’s new business efforts by providing online conversation analysis and strategic recommendations.


Katey McGarrKaty McGarr

Edelman Digital @kateymcgarr

Katey McGarr currently serves as an Account Executive on the Edelman Digital team specializing in social media planning, community management, content development, social media monitoring and analysis and blogger engagement.



Jonha RevesencioJonha Revesencio

Leo Burnett (IKEA) @jonharules

Jonha Revesencio is a Social Media Strategist and Community Manager from the Philippines now working for the advertising firm, Leo Burnett in Singapore. She’s passionate about turning social media conversations into lasting relationships for both the consumers and the brands. On her spare time, she likes to read books and curate infographics. Feel free to collaborate or strike up a conversation with her on Twitter @jonharules.


Tina YipTina Yip

Community Manager at R/GA @tina_yip

Tina Yip is a community manager at R/GA managing social media for Fortune 500 brands. She does content strategy, social media strategy and manages social media pages for MasterCard Business and McCormick.
Tina was recently featured in New York Creative Interns’ “Q&A with a creative”. Before starting at R/GA, she had 10 internships throughout college in agencies such as Grey, Hill Holliday and Big Fuel. She was also named “Most Likeable Student” at the first Likeable Awards.
Find out more about Tina:


Katie FeltenKatie Felten

Community Builder at Translator @KatieFelten

Katie joined Translator earlier in 2012 as the lead for Translator’s Experience Series and MyLab service offering. With a background in untraditional and grassroots marketing, business development and community building, Katie has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to take a company from the ground up to create a recognizable brand.

In 2011, Katie had the opportunity join the Hashable team in New York City as their community and marketing manager. During her time at Hashable, Katie created and executed a master communication strategy for the internal and external direction of the community. She collected and analyzed data, created content, built relationships with top members, cultivated brand ambassadors, recruited and managed volunteers, planned and executed events/activities for the community, recruited new member, moderated online content and ensured business objectives were met.


Cynthia ThomasCynthia Thomas

Co-Founder and Oracle of UX at Translator @deziner

Cindi is the cofounder of Translator, a design-thinking, experience design firm and ideation lab. With a background in design, an upbringing in the interactive field, and the opportunity to play in all facets of digital projects, Cindi has developed a deep understanding of the digital and social landscapes and the opportunities they affords for both businesses and end users, focusing on the strategy, designing and planning of rewarding and engaging experiences. She is also a cofounder of two other startups through the Translator Lab program: Shindig, the first crowd-powered event booking platform, and Meet•Meme, the first social media trading card. She is currently working on launching their 3rd, WeDo, a visual wedding planning app.


Brandon HillBrandon Hill

Co-Founder at BTC Revolutions @speaktothegeek

Since the beginning of his professional career, Brandon has always had a passion for doing the impossible.  His unwillingness to accept that something can’t be done just because it hasn’t been done has allowed him to participate in the early development of Microsoft’s Surface, build a 28-foot, multi-touch, interactive bar, and create a 150” iPad which was used by Madonna during her Super Bowl halftime show.  His passion for technology, mathematics, and statistics led him to join forces with Amanda Hite of Talent Revolution and found BTC Revolutions, a digital agency committed to building communities and igniting movements.


Our questions are:

  1. How much client education do you find yourself doing with clients about their own community and engagement within it?
  2. How do you prepare to immerse yourself in your client’s community if you are charged with managing it?
  3. What role do other disciplines such as experience design, SEO, and gamification have in your approach for community management?
  4. How much management is online vs offline, and how is that planned for?
  5. What metrics and analytics are you using to measure the impact of your social and digital?

Sherrie Rohde

Community Manager at Magento
As the Community Manager for Magento, Sherrie connects people with resources and with each other, and, since she’s just a bit passionate about the topic, she also co-produces a weekly broadcast for community professionals called #CMGRHangout. An ENFP, Sherrie is obsessed with innovation, terrified of status quo, and motivated by adventure. 
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