Evolution of Gaming Communities #CMAD

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On Air: 17:00 - 18:00 EST (GMT-5)
Monday, January 27th, 2014


From your living room to your cell phone, games are everywhere. With some of the most passionate communities on the planet, community managers in the gaming industry have a look to keep up with. Whether you’re managing a frequently updated mobile title or a one-shot triple AAA console seller, finding ways to engage players requires some creative thinking. Join community managers in many different gaming spaces on January 27th’s hangout to see how thinking outside of the box creates users you enjoy interacting with.


Carter GibsonCarter Gibson
Community Manager, Mobile Titles at KIXEYE and CEO & Founder at The LittleBigFund

Starting his professional career at the Ad Council, Carter has been a community manager for the past 4 years. He currently works at KIXEYE and runs a nonprofit called The LittleBigFund on the side. He’s a successful blogger with over 1million Google+ followers and continues to press for the importance of being a customer advocate.

Connect with Carter on Twitter at @CarterGee or on Google+.

Tanya McGinnityTanya McGinnity
Community Manager at Qwalify

Tanya is somewhat multidisciplinary having been a project manager, account manager, marketer and community manager within both digital agencies and startups. Her interests are diverse and range from comic books, gaming and pugs to Buddhism, mindfulness meditation and punk rock. She is the founder of the Montreal Girl Geeks organization and a passionate volunteer and supporter of many causes close to her heart.

Connect with Tanya on Twitter at @TanMcG or on Google+.


Emily Claire AfanEmily Claire Afan
PR & Community Manager at Hinterland Studio

Emily is a Toronto-based communications consultant, specializing in interactive and games. She has 15 years journalism experience, most recently covering screen-based entertainment industries, and works in a communications capacity with a variety of companies in this area. Currently, she serves as the PR and community manager for Hinterland Studio, which successfully Kickstarted its first game, The Long Dark, slated for a fall 2014 release. Emily is also an active member of the IGDA Toronto steering committee, co-organizing events that promote professional game development. When not busy working on video game-related projects, she can be found actually playing video games.

Connect with Emily on Twitter at @EmilyClaireAfan or on Google+.

Gabe GrazianiGabe Graziani
Senior Community Developer at Ubisoft

Gabe started as a Graphic Designer at GamePro Magazine, then jumped to editorial at GamesRadar and later GameSpy. Five years ago, he decided he to be closer to the games he loved so much and joined the ComDev team where he works to encourage creativity among Assassin’s Creed fans.

Connect with Gabe on Twitter at @UbiGabe or on Google+.

Casey MonroeCasey Monroe
Community Manager

Casey got his start as Head of Community and Content for Wowhead.com, the largest World of Warcraft website in the world, where he managed all of the non-development aspects of their business. Since then he’s put in time at Zynga, as well as at Spark Plug Games working on Firefly Online, and at Sourcebits doing corporate brand strategy and supporting their dating app, Twine. Now he spends his time advocating for more community-trained employees in executive positions in Silicon Valley, drinking beer, and listening to chiptunes.

Connect with Casey on Twitter at @Malgayne or on Google+.

Raj PatelRaj Patel
Community Manager – Xbox at Microsoft

After several years of arts and digital media training, Raj attended the University of Toronto for undergraduate and graduate degrees. After exploring game production, online forum administration, editing a major blog, and all sorts of other activities in far corners of the web, he’s now the Community Manager for Xbox at Microsoft Canada.

Connect with Raj on Twitter at @Rajio or on Google+.

CoreyRollinsCorey Rollins
Marketing / Branding / Community at Klei Entertainment

Corey’s worked in big-brand advertising, film, design and even game journalism. He currently works for Klei Entertainment. Lover of games. Part-time photographer. Full-time internet sorcerer.

Connect with Corey on Twitter at @CoreyRollins or on Google+.

Tanya ShortTanya Short
Creative Director at Kitfox Games

Tanya started Kitfox Games with 3 other devs in Montreal. They’re building a community around their first project, Shattered Planet, to be released in March. Prior, she was a social designer on The Secret World and Age of Conan, creating seasonal events, role-playing tools, and guild features.

Connect with Tanya on Twitter at @tanyaxshort or on Google+.

Discussion Questions

  1. Can you explain the difficulties of building communities for single-player experiences vs. multiplayer experiences?
  2. Is our industry trending towards to one over the other?
  3. How do you incorporate input for AAA titles that one release vs. live games that are constantly iterating?
  4. How important is a player’s input on a game’s roadmap?
  5. What tactics have you used in-game to build community out of game?
  6. Why are forums still so popular for games?

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Sherrie Rohde

Community Manager at Magento
As the Community Manager for Magento, Sherrie connects people with resources and with each other, and, since she’s just a bit passionate about the topic, she also co-produces a weekly broadcast for community professionals called #CMGRHangout. An ENFP, Sherrie is obsessed with innovation, terrified of status quo, and motivated by adventure. 
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