Beyond Vanity Metrics in Your Enterprise Social Network

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On Air: 18:00 - 19:00 EST (GMT-5)
Monday, January 26th, 2015


We’re all familiar with the vanity metrics we’re often asked for – how many people are registered for our ESN? How many likes were there this month? Are people posting enough? The problem with these simple measures is that they don’t tell us very much. How do we know we’re delivering real business outcomes from our enterprise social and collaboration efforts? Join us for this panel discussion as we explore metrics and measures that demonstrate to your Executives that your internal community is helping drive your business forward.


Jakkii Musgrave

Jakkii Musgrave
Consultant at Ripple Effect Group

Once upon an external community manager who focused on building fan and customer communities, in 2012 Jakkii turned her attention to building internal employee communities. A passionate believer in the new work order and the future of work, Jakkii spends her days helping organisations and their employees figure out how they can use communities effectively inside their organisation to achieve better business outcomes and, to borrow a quote, “make work suck less.”

Connect with Jakkii on Twitter at @slybeer or on Google+.


Annie CharalambousAnnie Charalambous
Community Manager at eToro OpenBook

By day, Annie is the Community Manager on eToro OpenBook. By night, she’s still that, but asleep. She also takes pictures of things.

Connect with Annie on Twitter at @indiannie_jones or on Google+.

Bob CrozierBob Crozier
Enterprise Community Manager at AIA

Bob is the Enterprise Community Manager for AIA with responsibility for Social Collaboration across the AIA Group.  He manages Enterprise Social Network champions from 17 countries driving culture change in AIA to have sharing and collaboration at the heart of what AIA does.  He is responsible for creating communities for AIA’s 250,000 agents across Asia Pacific.

Connect with Bob on Twitter at @racrozier or on Google+.

Bryan DavisBryan Davis
Director of Social Media Marketing at CXPi

Bryan is a digital marketing manager who loves to talk strategy, analysis, and optimization. He works with content journalists to help connect stories to audiences through social media communications platforms. The only moments he is not connected to his content streams are when he is training for triathlons, teaching students, and drumming in Mardi Gras parades.

Connect with Bryan on Twitter at @thebryandavis or on Google+.

Marissa FerraraccioMarissa Ferraraccio
Digital Marketing at Zoomph

As Zoomph’s digital marketer, Marissa is racing against time to implement creative marketing strategies to grow brand awareness & communicate with Zoomph’s socially savvy clients! When not kicking butt in the digital world, you can find Marissa running in DC’s Rock Creek Park, hanging with her two Pit Bulls, Marilyn & Jack, and discovering new adventures.

Connect with Marissa on Twitter at @muffinmouse or on Google+.

Cai KjaerCai Kjaer
CoFounder & Partner, Optimice; CoFounder & CEO, SWOOP Analytics

Cai Kjaer is a partner/co-founder of Optimice, Australia’s leading Organisational Network Analysis consulting company. He is also the co-founder and CEO of SWOOP Analytics, a company that delivers social network analytics to enterprise social platforms. He is an expert in mapping, visualising and improving business relationships using Social Network Analysis. He has worked with many government, private and not-for-profit sectors on projects in Australia, Europe, North and South America using visualisation techniques to uncover hidden relationship patterns and measure social capital. He has extensive experience in senior consulting, change leadership and implementation roles successfully delivering large scale global projects and business transformations.

Connect with Cai on Twitter at @caikjaer or on Google+.

Mark WoodrowMark Woodrow
Customer Success Manager at Yammer

Mark is a strategic communications professional, specialising in enterprise social media and digital marketing. He has been a regular evening lecturer in advertising at the University of Technology, Sydney and has spoken at a number of leading conferences and seminars – in Australia and internationally. He is currently managing customer success for Yammer and Office 365 across Australia, New Zealand and APAC.

Connect with Mark on Twitter at @markwoodrow or on Google+.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why is it important to measure your community?
  2. What kind of social data is important for you to measure in your organisation? How do you measure effectiveness & usage?
  3. Is there value to be found in ‘vanity’ metric measures?
  4. What metrics beyond ‘likes’ have you found most effective in demonstrating the value of your communities?
  5. Collaboration is often an important use case for ESNs – how do you measure and report on this?
  6. How can you use your community data to demonstrate business outcomes?

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Sherrie Rohde

Community Manager at Magento
As the Community Manager for Magento, Sherrie connects people with resources and with each other, and, since she’s just a bit passionate about the topic, she also co-produces a weekly broadcast for community professionals called #CMGRHangout. An ENFP, Sherrie is obsessed with innovation, terrified of status quo, and motivated by adventure. 
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