Off the Beaten PR Path

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Off the Beaten PR Path - Masha D. Murakhovsky

When I was in my third year of college I was fortunate to receive an opportunity to intern at a film festival and an independent film art house in their PR and marketing department. Although unpaid, it had the best perks, free movies! I decided to give it go, seeing that my main responsibilities were to manage and build their Facebook and Twitter channels. At the time I was studying traditional public relations and advertising, so I knew that my career path was going towards PR, but I had no idea it would lead me to social media and online community development.

After graduating and having nearly 1+ yrs of my film internship under my belt I was ready to take on the real world and find an agency that offered opportunities that I knew were key to evolving my social media passion. I found myself in the digital media practice at Cohn & Wolfe, a traditional PR agency. The doors were open for me to learn and implement social strategy, insights, influencer relations, community management and development. Wearing so many hats was an incredible learning experience, but I felt that I could not focus on specializing and sharpening my social media skills. As the world of social media marketing and advertising began to evolve, so did opportunities outside of Cohn & Wolfe and I found myself craving work and clients that were open to this evolution.

At the nearly 3 year mark, I decided to take the plunge and work in a 100% social and digital agency, solely as a community manager. Currently, I am at 360i as a Community Manager for Cracker Barrel cheese and Guinness beer. It has been a thrilling transition thus far and the experiences I had in college, internships and my first job at a PR agency has prepared me incredibly well for my next chapter, community and social content management.


Masha Murakhovsky

Community Manager at 360i
Community Manager at 360i for Guinness and Cracker Barrel cheese. Lover of film, art and good food.

UCF Grad - Go Knights!

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