My Global Path to Community Management

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Not many people are lucky enough to have worked in three of the most amazing cities in the world. My journey with Millward Brown has taken me from Singapore, to New York and finally to London.

Deepa Ramesh

The backstory

What started as an internship at Millward Brown, part of WPP and one of the top research companies in the world, soon became a permanent role as Regional Marketing Executive.

Located in Singapore, my role took me from managing marketing initiatives, to planning regional events and managing the regional SharePoint. I was happy with Marketing but hungry to explore the world a little more. A year later, I moved to New York with Millward Brown taking on a new role.

My role took many forms and eventually I became an Employee Engagement Manager for North America. I ran various initiatives in the region working together with the CEO, Human Resources and Marketing. A lot of my role focused on engaging with our employees and I loved it! But at that point I was still unsure as to what the ‘next step’ would be. Would I continue on and move into HR or would I continue in the line of Marketing? I was not sure.

How I landed the role

In 2011 November, I learned we were replacing our current intranet and planning to roll out a social intranet. Given my background with managing SharePoint and engaging with employees, I was asked if I could represent North America on this new adventure.

I took on the role of Ambassador of the Community for North America, managing champions in my region and helping with the roll out of the new community. It was then I learned that a position for a Global Community Manager was available. The project implementation leader was planning to move on and she recommended me for the role. I interviewed and landed the role of Global Community Manager for Greenhouse – our community! I worked for one year with my team who are all based in the UK and in 2013 I moved to London.

The present

It’s been three years and our community is still going strong and it’s been great seeing the Greenhouse grow and flourish these three years. Greenhouse also won the Jive ‘Engage Employees’ Award in 2012 which recognizes a social intranet solution that helps foster cross-departmental collaboration, improvements in efficiency, problem solving, and innovative approaches to drive adoption and I went to Las Vegas to receive the award! I’m still learning new things and as our community grows bigger, there are new challenges to tackle every day.

I never expected to end up in a social role but becoming a community manager has played to my strengths. I love being a community manager and having worked in different cities, the global part of the role has come quite naturally.  Not many companies give you a chance to explore various international roles so early in one’s career and I am glad that Millward Brown has given me the opportunity to do so.

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Deepa Ramesh

Global Community Manager at Millward Brown
Deepa Ramesh is a global community manager at Millward Brown. Having lived in New York for 7 years she’s naturally a foodie, loves traveler and intrigued by fashion. When not managing the Greenhouse, she’s busy exploring London and the rich history behind it.

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