How was the webathon for you?

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On behalf of the entire CMAD organizing team, I want to say thanks for joining the webathon yesterday. We also want to get your feedback. How was it for you? What could we do better? What did we do well? What else would you like to see done?

If you’ve been following our posts you know that we had limited time to pull everything together, but we’ve got a full year to plan for CMAD 2018. So give us your feedback in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

Ben Martin

Founder of Online Community Results and CMAD 2017 organizer. Favorite community management team: Airbnb.
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Wow, especially with so little time to prepare, I thought this was really impressive and very inspiring to listen to the contributors!  I took tons of notes and would love to know if we have a recording of the day somewhere because there were snippets I missed due to work conflicts etc.

I'm so appreciative of all the efforts put into this to make it happen for all of us that I don't even dare make suggestions because I am just so thankful to have this way to connect! :)

I look forward to helping next year when I have more to contribute and have my fledgling community launched!

Here's just a few things that might be cool to think about for next time:

-I would love to have had a more clear way to ask questions.  I'm not sure doing it via Twitter worked because I saw celebratory posts there, but no questions.  I wasn't sure if there was a chat capability we could use next time that everyone could be signed into and ask questions so the moderator could bring those in if appropriate and so that everyone could see what questions were being asked.

-I was a little confused on the awards live cast going on too and felt like I was missing out on things happening simultaneously.  Was that intended?  Seems like those doing the award would've like to have been in the CMAD webinar too.

-Next year when we have more time to prep, I would love to have the opportunity to see the panel enough in advance to submit potential questions for consideration.  (maybe you did this and I just missed it)

-It would be cool to challenge every participant to tweet their fav quote from each presentation and then as a fun summary to submit their fav quote of the day and share that out with the group of listeners.  I would've loved to have had more visibility into who was watching along with me and what got them energized too.

You are all amazing -  thank you thank you!


Ditto to Steve's comment! I thought the webathon content was great. I'd love to see more info about concurrent CMAD events from other orgs in the marketing, though--there were a few webinars and things from folks like Jamie Notter that I totally missed.


Great web conference. If there's any way I can help with 2018, let me know.

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