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During college, I took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test on a whim, because I was just curious. ENFJ was my result, and like the typical Cancerian, I immediately scoffed at the results and put it away. (Us Cancers are always at odds with ourselves).

Shortly after I moved to California from Georgia, I went through my old file folder, in an attempt to reorganize my life, and came across the results from that test. “Do I really exude these qualities?” I asked myself. I quickly went online to find the traits of a person who is ENFJ.

  • They are people-focused individuals
  • They have the ability to make people do what they want them to do
  • They are unselfish, and are focused on supporting and encouraging others
  • They have strong beliefs, but will not impose them on others
  • At work, they are naturals for the social committee and do best in positions that require human interaction.

Why did I shut this away from my mind? I am totally all of that. People love me! How can that be a bad thing?

Rocky Vy

Ever since my family got our first Internet connection, I was into social media way before the term was coined. Chat rooms and ICQ and then moving on to Geocities, Xanga and Asian Avenue (props to anyone who remembers any of that), I guess you could say that I was an early adopter of online communities. I became so interested in learning about the world around me. And talking to people that you couldn’t actually see… mind blowing! The things people were willing to divulge online was just unreal.

But who knew that there was a job centered around managing an online community? Back then, you either had to build a site or platform for people to interact, or become a forum moderator (which in all honesty is the grandfather to a community manager).

Through some trials and tribulations in college, I finally settled on earning a B.A. in Advertising (after computer engineering, interior design and photography). And quickly I learned that I disliked the agency world. For what reason, I had no idea — I just didn’t like it, and I kept moving on. From one restaurant and retail store to another, I realized that I was destined to deal with people. But, not happy with the idea of staying in the retail world, as luck would have it, I came across my first online marketing position at a B2B company.

Fast forward some more years and a ton of freelancing gigs, I find myself at Entrepreneur. The beauty of my position here is the chance to meet all sorts of people, from every walk of life. The other great thing about being a community manager is the ability to shape the job on my own terms and consult the company on its general direction, based on how the community is evolving, the ever-changing landscape of online communication, and the call for more personalization in the marketing of brands and companies.

Hey. That kind of sounds like what an ENFJ person is fit to do.

Rocky Vy

Community Marketing Manager at Entrepreneur Media
Rocky Vy is the community marketing manager at Entrepreneur Media by day, and the #cmgr at Entrepreneur by night as well, in addition to freelancing in online marketing for small businesses, blogging and general crime-fighting. If you love the color orange as much as he does, you'll be instant friends.
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