Cultivating Community: Strengthening Relationships on Social and Beyond

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Communities have long been in existence, but the introduction of social media has allowed individuals to connect in ways never seen before. As a result, communities have been amplified, renewed, and strengthened. Social media has granted people the opportunity to connect with others and share ideas with the click of a button. And while this is encouraging on a purely individual level, it has also opened the door for an open dialogue between individuals and brands.

And while we don’t know if brands will ever stop chasing ‘reach,’ we do know that smart community managers understand the power of social media to help them better understand their audience, enable ambassadors, and diffuse potentially negative situations. Social media has given community managers the platform to better communicate with their audience and build relationships more easily.

Social media responsiveness and individual customer interaction lends to a strong and loyal community. Following up and following through with your community lets them know they’re valuable and that you are always present. Tune in to the Google+ Hangout 10:00-11:00 AM EST to join the conversation with Sprout Social and learn how to effectively use the open and direct nature of social media to build loyal, engaged communities.

Brit Thompson and Sarah Mordis will be moderating the chat with our truly remarkable panel.

  1. Cedar Brown, Freelance Community Manager
  2. Christie Fidura, Adobe EMEA

  3. Sam Hosenkamp, Ragan Communications

  4. Stephanie Montreuil, Steph Montreuil Consulting

  5. Darryl Villacorta, Gossip Genie

  6. Merlin Ward, Renegade

Contribute to the conversation on Twitter with #CMAD. We look forward to your contribution to our discussion on the role of social media in community management!


Sarah Mordis

Social Marketing Specialist at Sprout Social
Sarah is passionate about bridging online and offline communications. She is dedicated to providing value to others through knowledge, advice or job opporunities. Sarah appreciates the ever-changing landscape of social media and loves learning about new tools and platforms. She is a strong advocate of brands using social as a recruiting, sales and R&D tool, among other functions, and sees the incredible value of social business.
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