Have You Considered a Community Management Service?

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In the early days of brand presence on social media, the task of creating content, engaging the  community and managing it often fell to current employees. They were expected to add this task to their present workload. After all, they really only had to keep an eye on the pages and make sure they promoted the brand. That didn’t take much of their time. Maybe half an hour a day. Right? Wrong!

We’ve come a long way from those early days. Now most brands have either in-house community managers or hire an agency to handle their communities. In our 24/7 digital world expectations are high for brands to not only inform and entertain their communities, but to provide a good experience as well. They’re expected to respond or engage shortly after one of the community asks something or comments.

The pressure to be present and active around the clock is real and many times there comes a point where the brand needs to hire a community management service. How does the brand decide when to hire an agency? What are the advantages to having a service and how they can protect the brand’s reputation? Why is community moderation and monitoring effective?

Have You Considered a Community Management Service?

To discover the answers to these questions and more, please listen to our panel discussion: Community Management Services: When & Why on Community Manager Appreciation Day. We will be holding a G+ Hangout on January 26th at 5:00am EST. We’d love to have you listen. You can chat along on Twitter using the hashtag: #CMGRHangout.

Teri Kojetin

Social Media & Community Coordinator at ICUC
Teri is responsible for creating content and engaging on ICUC’s social spaces and publications. Passionate about social media and CSR she strives to motivate and inspire action. When not posting photos of her granddaughter and food, Teri can be found enjoying time with family, reading, writing and cooking.
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