Community Manager Spotlight: BioBuzz’s Liora Knizhnik

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This post is comin’ at ya courtesy of CMAD sponsor, Breezio.

Rockin' my community!

Liora rocks the BioBuzz community

Starting an online community is no small feat. Starting one from scratch and getting members of that online community to act on their own and engage with one another is even harder!

In honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day, of which Breezio is a proud sponsor, we interviewed one of our rock star community managers, Liora Knizhnik, who started and is growing BioBuzz’s online community.

At Breezio, we’re redefining what it means to engage online, one community at a time.  One way we do this is by investing our resources in community manager support and this has proven to be a rewarding approach. We value our community managers as the key to success for any new community!

Here is how Liora answers our three questions:

What’s been the most memorable ‘magic moment’ of managing an online community?

That’s easy! The live, online chat with Bill Hearl, CEO of Immunomic Therapeutics. With over 20 community members showing up for his Q&A, the energy and excitement that was seamlessly popping off the page was amazing! All of the participants reported how much they loved the experience and want to do it again. At the time, I didn’t realize how unique an opportunity it would be for an executive of a large company to have a venue to connect directly, live, online with unfiltered questions. It was a fun experience for all and really added value to the community.

What’s been the most challenging aspect of managing an online community?

This community was brand new so finding the right people to create content was a challenge. Everyone is busy and are often reluctant to do something new so no one wanted to create content when we first launched. I quickly discovered I had to create quality content and demonstrate the value of doing so before others would volunteer. Biggest lesson: To get the party started, I helped create profiles and content, especially for key opinion leaders, and either ghost wrote or posted from their perspective, with permission of course. After proving the value, it became easier to get others to get involved.

If you could give 1 tip to a new online community manager, what would it be?

Get a list of 10 names and email addresses, from whoever is sponsoring the community, of people they want to see engaged in the platform. Spend your time building relationships with them and do the behind-the-scenes work of explaining the goals, showing the value and getting them to participate. I spent the entire first month of launching the BioBuzz online community meeting in-person getting to know them and convincing them to help! Do this work first and above all else, have fun with it, be passionate about it, and it will pay off.

Don’t forget! January 23 is Community Manager Appreciation Day. Mark your calendars and Sign Up to participate in this annual celebration of community managers.

Ben Martin

Founder of Online Community Results and CMAD 2017 organizer. Favorite community management team: Airbnb.
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