#CMAD Has A Theme This Year: Evolution of the Community Manager!

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After last year’s Community Manager Appreciation Day, Jeremiah Owyang announced that, as this day has grown, it’s time to take it beyond just a day of appreciation and advance the career as one by looking at a theme that can move us forward. On January 27, 2014, as we celebrate the 5th Annual #CMAD, we encourage all community managers and business leaders embracing the role of the community manager to keep in mind this year’s theme:

Evolution of the Community Manager

We’ve already seen stories from some participants in the upcoming 24-hour #cmgrhangout for #CMAD talk about their own evolution and we see it in some of the titles of the hangouts we have planned for #CMAD. As the industry matures in some areas and begins to become more formalized in other areas, it’s important for us to learn from each other by looking at where the community manager has come from, where we are today and where we see ourselves going in the future. Being at the forefront of communication with your customer base, companies are starting to embrace the role of the community manager, regardless of the size company.

Did you see what happened last year on Community Manager Appreciation Day?

What’s in store for #CMAD 2014?

As we celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day this year, let’s look at not only showing appreciation to our peers, but also forwarding the discussion about where we came from, where we are and, most importantly, where the role of community manager is heading. The theme of the evolution of the community manager can lead us beyond a day and put us at the forefront of conversations for the year to come.

Evolution of the Community Manager

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