The CMAD Cheers! A new Community Manager Appreciation Day tradition

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Community Manager Appreciation Day is a celebration of the good work that community managers do, and what better way to celebrate them than with a good, old-fashioned toast?!?!?!

At 5pm EST on Monday, January 23, as the CMAD webathon is drawing to a close, a special cheers will be read aloud and our DC-based live broadcast studio team will raise a glass to salute community managers everywhere. And you’re invited to join in the toast!

Depending on your time zone, grab a beer, coffee, coffee-flavored beer, champagne, beer-flavored champagne (ew!), or whatever your drink of choice is, and help us honor the hard-working, never-resting, late-night-posting community managers in your life.

Thanks to KiKi L’Italien of Amplified Growth (and emcee of CMAD 2017) for composing the toast:

I rise for a toast – for C-M-A-D
Because who enjoys community more than we?
We reply with emojis, hashtags, and links
And measure success with each of our drinks!

And whether our groups are private or social
Increasing engagement is always our goal
So while we gather for this special day
Let’s toast to each other’s success on the way!

If you’re toasting with friends, we encourage you to take a photo of your glasses raised aloft, and tag it #CMADcheers. Or if you’re drinking alone, post a selfie or your glass raised with your view as a backdrop — and tag it #CMADcheers!

We also have an opportunity for up to four remote locations to join the webathon by Skype to join the toasting celebration live. If your company, network or tribe wants to participate, please contact to make arrangements.

Ben Martin

Founder of Online Community Results and CMAD 2017 organizer. Favorite community management team: Airbnb.
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