#CMAD 2014 By The Numbers

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Community Manager Appreciation Day may be over for 2014, but it was a day many community managers will not forget. On Monday, January 27, 2014, community managers from around the world celebrated the 5th annual celebration, first started by Jeremiah Owyang back in 2010. Last year, it was decided to have a theme each year and this year the theme was, “The Evolution Of The Community Manager.” What we saw may be a prime example of how this position is evolving. While a 12 hour hangout was increased to 24 hours, the number of live events seemed to remain pretty consistent, the number of tweets using #CMAD was down and the number of brands, vendors and agencies who participated with blog posts and/or events appeared to be down. How can it be evolving when most data is pointing in a downward direction?

The community manager has long been associated with social media. Even this year we saw some funny images shared across various social networks reinforcing this point. As the discipline of community management matures, is less time is spent on the social channels and more time is being spent on strategy, listening and strengthening connections with advocates? This would be great for business as Jeremiah pointed out in his annual post on Community Manager Appreciation Day which looks at the future of community management.

#CMAD 2014 By The Numbers

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As we wrap up Community Manager Appreciation Day 2014, one reason why the social numbers are down this year, may be do to this site. It’s not a branded site, it’s a collaborative site run by individuals dedicated to community management. On Community Manager Appreciation Day alone, there were 15,102 page views with 7,481 unique visitors. Stay tuned as we continue to talk about the future of the community manager and share your stories as we look forward to #CMAD 2015!

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