#CMAD 2014 Community Manager Awards

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2014 Community Manager Awards

Community Managers are amazing.  You know this, and so do we.  That’s why this year, for Community Manager Appreciation Day, we’re going to start a new tradition.  In a joint partnership with BTC RevolutionsHootSuiteMeshfireNimble and Sprout Social, we’re excited to announce the 2014 Community Manager Appreciation Day Awards!

You have until midnight EST on January 24th to nominate yourself, or a fellow community manager.  You deserve this. You know someone else who deserves it.  Get nominating!

We’ve got physical awards for the top nominee of each category.  Imagine how cool it will be sporting an official first annual 2014 CMAD award.   Here are the categories we’ll be creating awards for:

  • Traffic Controller (follows process and quickly routes issues to the correct department)
  • The Diplomat (handles all interactions with tact and grace)
  • People’s Champion (takes time to acknowledge brand advocates and community standouts)
  • Fastest Fingers (quickest response time)
  • LOLOLOLOLOL (funniest community manager)
  • Let’s Take This Offline (best at activating in-person events)
  • The Force Is Strong With This One (best new community manager)
  • CMGRs Choice Award (a lifetime achievement award for the person nominated the most by fellow community managers)

Don’t forget to get those nominations in by January 24th!  We’ll announce the winners on CMAD 2014.


the Director of Awesome at BTC Revolutions
Brew is an expert in building communities that blend online and offline communications. As a constant learner, and a self-proclaimed “geek translator” and “destroyer of silos”, his passion is connecting like-minded people from various disciplines including HR, IT, Marketing, and Sales.

At My Community Manager Brew is a true Director of Awesome as he co-hosts the weekly #CMGRHangout broadcast, coordinates guests and keeps the audience engaged.

Read what’s in Brew’s head at HouseofBrew.com and follow Brew on twitter at @houseofbrew.

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