2014 Community Manager Appreciation Day Awards

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We are incredibly excited to announce the 2014 Community Manager Appreciation Day Awards Winners!

Huge thanks goes out to BTC Revolutions, HootSuite, Meshfire, Nimble and Sprout Social for making these possible. These teams sifted through hundreds of form submissions with some of the world’s best community managers.  The following are our nominees and winners.

Traffic Controller (follows process and quickly routes issues to the correct department)

The Diplomat (handles all interactions with tact and grace)

People’s Champion (takes time to acknowledge brand advocates and community standouts)

Fastest Fingers (quickest response time)

LOLOLOLOLOL (funniest community manager)

Let’s Take This Offline (best at activating in-person events)

The Force Is Strong With This One (Best New Community Manager)

CMGRs Choice Award (a lifetime achievement award for the person nominated the most by fellow community managers)

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