12 Reasons to Feel Awesome About Being a Social Community Manager

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12 Reasons to Feel Awesome About Being a Social Community Manager - Mike Stiles I would debate you that the true stars of Social Marketing are the brand Community Managers, except for fact that such a debate is long over.  If you’re not sure how much you appreciate yours, briefly imagine them suddenly vanishing.  What would you do?  What would all your social properties look like?  What would your social communities start saying about you?

Because they’re so due our appreciation, Community Manager Appreciation Day was established in 2010 and is being held January 27, featuring a 24-hour live hangout with all kinds of topics and experts.  Why not take the time to thank your CM or sing their praises on social using #CMAD and #CMGR?

Meanwhile, here are just a few reasons Community Managers should also use this day to take stock of everything they bring to the social marketing table.

  1. You have been put in the position of being the real-time public voice and representative of the entire brand.  Not an agency, not the CEO … you.
  2. If you’re good, you’re so in demand you have no idea.
  3. You can write!  And while that’s something everyone claims to be able to do, the reality is that most either can’t, are lousy at it, or don’t want to do it.
  4. It’s highly likely you have one of the best personalities in the building.  After all, you job is specifically to not bore people.
  5. You know more about your brand’s strengths and weaknesses than your C-suite, and you know about them sooner.
  6. You are the wall standing between your brand and a public relations disaster.  It’s like Oracle’s Erika Brookes likes to say around here, “You can’t teach judgment.”
  7. You’re called upon to have nearly every marketing discipline in the book, and all at the same time, and in one position. If you aren’t already, you should start feeling really strong about your career prospects.
  8. Yes it’s a hard, all-consuming job, but the good news is the tools are getting better.
  9. Trying to describe to people what you do is a great mind exercise!
  10. The job is making you thick-skinned.  That’s going to serve you very well throughout your life and career.
  11. When fans are liking what the brand is doing on social, they’re liking what you are doing.  That should be a nice ego boost.
  12. You’re learning almost every minute of every day based on what customers do and don’t like, and what does and doesn’t work.  You’re internalizing exceptionally good business instincts.

Social marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, influencer marketing … it a very exciting space to be in, and developments keep coming fast and furious.  None of it would be possible without you multi-talented, dynamic personalities interacting with the people who matter most, the customers, and for that we are greatly appreciative.

Mike Stiles

Senior Content Manager at Oracle Social Cloud
Mike Stiles is Senior Content Manager for the Oracle Social Cloud, author of the twice weekly Oracle Social Spotlight blog and writer/host for the daily Oracle Social Spotlight social news podcast, now available on iHeartRadio.  He's also author of the eBook "Showtime: Brands as Content Producers.

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